Weight Loss Injections

There are several prescription medications available in Australia to treat overweight and obesity. When used in combination with dietary changes and regular exercise, these medications can lead to clinically significant weight loss.

Weight loss medications can be used in patients who:
• have a BMI >30kg/m2*
• have a BMI >27kg/m2 and an obesity related medical condition*

(*These values are lower for people with certain ethnic backgrounds: discuss with your doctor.)

It’s important to note that weight loss medications aren’t standalone solutions; they must be combined with dietary and lifestyle changes to achieve effective weight loss. Additionally, some medications are contraindicated for patients with particular medical conditions. To determine the most suitable option for you it’s important to consult with your GP or Bariatric Doctor. Your doctor will assess your health needs and ensure the recommended medication aligns with your weight loss goals and is safe for you to take, as well as providing advice for managing any potential side effects.

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