For Health Professionals

Dr Paige Lanyon-Roberts — MedSurg Weight Loss in Brisbane, QLD

For Health Professionals

At MedSurg Weight Loss we provide comprehensive, respectful and compassionate care to patients with overweight or obesity. We provide holistic care to our patients, supporting them to achieve weight loss and improvements in their metabolic health. 

Our philosophy is to support mental and physical health and wellness for our patients with an overall aim to reduce morbidity and mortality. 

We work closely with several medical professionals including Specialist General Practitioners, Medical Physicians, Surgeons, Dietitians, Psychologists and other allied health practitioners to wholly support our patients with their weight loss needs.

We provide:

No referral is required for your patient to attend for an appointment. Should you wish to provide some clinical information regarding your patient we gladly accept letters via Medical Objects. 

We provide written communication following every consultation to all team members. Thank you for involving us in the care of your patient. 

Careers With MedSurg Weight Loss

Are you passionate about providing respectful and quality care to your patients? Do you have a special interest in metabolic health and weight management? If so, we’d love to hear from you! If you would like to enquire about becoming a member of our incredible team, please get in touch below.