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Metabolic Health Assessments

MedSurg Weight Loss is more than just a weight management clinic. We perform comprehensive check ups for patients living with overweight and obesity to assess for any health consequences related to their weight. 

Obesity is not a benign condition and can increase the risk of many weight related disease such as:

Our Doctors will perform an individualised assessment of your general and metabolic health. This may involve referring you for further testing such as blood testing or cardiac examinations. Your Doctor can recommend and commence appropriate treatment interventions and will always communicate back to your regular General Practitioner notifying them of any changes to your treatment plan. 

How does Weight Loss effect Metabolic Health?

A 5% total body weight loss (TBWL) is generally accepted as a clinically meaningful amount. For a 100kg person this would mean a reduction and maintenance of just 5kgs can significantly reduce their risk of metabolic complications.

A 5% TBWL can
– Reduce blood pressure
– Improve blood sugar levels

A 5-10% TBWL can
– Prevent Type 2 Diabetes
– Improve cholesterol levels

A 10-15% TBWL can
– Reduce risk of cardiovascular disease

A >15% TBWL can
– Reverse Type 2 Diabetes*
– Improve heart failure
– Decrease risk of death from a cardiovascular event

Small amounts of weight loss can have significant metabolic health benefits. Talk to your MedSurg Weight Loss Doctor about how weight loss can benefit your health. 

(*In patients who have had Type 2 Diabetes for a short time. Those who have had it for a long time will see improvement in their management, but unlikely to achieve reversal in most instances.)

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Deprescribing Medications

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One of the greatest things about weight loss is that when you lose weight you start to improve your health. With as little as 5% total body weight loss, we start to see improvements in blood pressure and blood sugar levels in the body. 5-10% weight loss can start to improve the triglyceride levels in the blood, and a weight loss of 15% can even reverse early Type 2 Diabetes.

When you start to lose weight, your doctor can start to reduce or even stop some of the medications you have previously needed to address obesity related diseases. For example, with significant weight loss, Type 2 Diabetics who have previously needed insulin can even stop their insulin a lot of the time because they don’t need it anymore.

Not only does weight loss naturally improve your health, but being able to reduce or stop medication you’ve relied on to manage disease is really wonderful. Your MedSurg Weight Loss Doctor will help you to safely lose weight and improve your health, and deprescribing medications you no longer need is part of our comprehensive care for you.

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