Telehealth Appointments

We offer Telehealth appointments to patients Australia wide. Appointment structure remains the same and initial consults are 45-60 minutes in duration. 

Though it is always lovely to see our patients in person, we recognise that Telehealth plays a really important role in healthcare and value the ability to be able to consult with patients over video calls. 

We still provide the same services to our Telehealth patients as we do our in-person patients. This includes prescription of any necessary medications and referral for surgery in your local area (or interstate if needed) and provision of long term post postoperative support. 

If allied health input is required, we will help to refer you to locally based service providers near you, or if you prefer, can link you in with our allied health team who also provide Telehealth care. 

As standard, we will keep your local GP in the loop by sending clinical updates regarding your care and are very happy to work with your GP wherever possible to facilitate comprehensive, quality metabolic and weight loss care for you.

For any enquiries about our fee structure, or to book an appointment at MedSurg Weight Loss, contact our team today on (07) 3373 0265. No referral is required.

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