Percentage Weight Loss Benefits

A 5% total body weight loss (TBWL) is generally accepted as a clinically meaningful amount. For a 100kg person this would mean a reduction and maintenance of just 5kgs can significantly reduce their risk of metabolic complications.

Today we will explore how much % TBWL can improve health and reduce disease. We aim to explore how modest weight loss effects the individual organ systems in greater detail in future posts. For now, let’s have a wider, overall look at weight loss and its effects on the body.

A 5% TBWL can
• Reduce blood pressure
• Improve blood sugar levels

A 5-10% TBWL can
• Prevent Type 2 Diabetes
• Improve cholesterol levels

A 10-15% TBWL can
• Reduce risk of cardiovascular disease

A >15% TBWL can
• Reverse Type 2 Diabetes
• Improve heart failure
• Decrease risk of death from a cardiovascular event

Small amounts of weight loss can have significant metabolic health benefits. As mentioned, we will delve into the effects of weight loss on the different body systems in future posts, but for now we want to show how a small amount of weight loss can make such a big difference to your health.