Maintaining Weight Loss

Our bodies are genetically programmed for weight. There are thousands of different genes that program our bodies that contribute to our likelihood of being lean or obese in adulthood. When our bodies reach their desired weight, the brain establishes this weight as our “set point” and there are many mechanisms by which the body will attempt to maintain our “set point”.

When we make an attempt at weight loss and achieve weight loss, the brain will recognise the change in weight and initiate a very aggressive response in an attempt to return the body back to its previous “set point.” The brain deliberately decreases our metabolism in an attempt to conserve calories, increases our hunger hormones and decreases our fullness hormones. This combination of tactics will eventually lead to a net gain in energy and will encourage weight regain. All of this happens behind the scenes and is beyond our ability to consciously control.

The aggressive way that the body defends weight loss explains why many people who are programmed to be obese in adulthood have often had such a battle with the weight loss/weight gain cycle. It’s not for a lack of trying! It is a genetically programmed, incredibly strong, defence mechanism which is subconsciously driven by our brain!

Thankfully, the medications we have available for weight loss hijack these weight loss/weight regain pathways and reduce the ability for the brain to fight the weight loss. They allow weight loss to occur, and to be maintained. Of course, healthy and sustainable dietary and physical activity changes need to also occur, but the medications battle against the body’s defence mechanism, allowing you to maintain the weight loss you achieve.

Surgery also works similarly. Bariatric Surgery is a metabolic surgery, meaning that not only does it reduce the amount of food a person can eat, but it also changes the hormonal profile of the person. The hunger hormones are reduced, the fullness hormones are increased and the metabolism is maintained rather than slowed down.

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